1511000 “Land Management”
151103 3 The technician
Ttraining in specialty 1511000 “Land management” and qualifications 151103 3 The technician is conducted since September 1, 2004 on the basis of license No. 0161334 issued on 13.07.2012 issued by the Department for Control in Education of Kostanay region of the Committee for Control in Education and Science of the Ministry Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Training on specialty 1511000 “Land management” with specialization “Technician” is carried out in accordance with the State Obligatory Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The term of training on the basis of 11 classes is 2 years and 6 months (according to the experimental curriculum, the introduction of a modular training program developed by NAO Holding Kasipchor (2017)
Training is carried out on full-time and correspondence forms, free training and with full compensation of the cost of training.
The sphere of professional activity of graduates is work with land-cadastral documentation.
As the practical bases for conducting educational, technological and pre-diploma practice, three basic organizations have been approved, with which agreements on social partnership and cooperation on the introduction of modular training have been concluded:
• Department of “SPC of land cadastre” branch of JSC “State Corporation” Government for Citizens “of Kostanay region.
• LLP “Arkhstroyservis”.
• Geobaitinfo LLP.
Graduates of the specialty can carry out the following activities:
-To carry out preparatory work on land management;
– Draw up new projects and sort existing land use;
– To set aside and establish boundaries of land plots on the terrain;
– To prepare documents for the right to use land;
– Identify and establish a feature of settlements on the terrain, draw up projects for their land and economic system;
– Develop land management projects for reclamation of disturbed and development of new lands, as well as other projects related to the use and protection of land;
– Conduct an inventory of land, identify unused, irrationally used or used for other purposes than intended;
– Carry out topographic and geodetic, cartographic and other survey and survey works;
– Maintain land cadastre and land monitoring.