0501000 “Social Work”
0501013 “Specialist in Social Work”
Training of specialists in this specialty 0501000 “Social work” is conducted since 2008 on the basis of the State Technical and Professional Education University approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 23, 2012 № 1080 and the experimental curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. License No. 0161334 issued on July 13, 2012, issued by the Department for Control in Education of Kostanay Region of the Committee for Control in Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The term of training on the basis of 11 classes – and 1 year 10 months (according to the Model curriculum, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 1080). Training is carried out in full time, on a budgetary basis and on a paid basis.
The sphere of professional activity of graduates is the development and implementation of social norms for the protection of the population; maintenance of legality.
Objects of professional activity of graduates are public relations in the sphere of implementation of social and legal norms, ensuring legality.
Graduates in the specialty “Social work” can perform the following types of professional activity:
– provide social services;
– provide social and legal services;
– Provide socio-psychological services.
As the practical bases for conducting educational, technological and pre-diploma practice, 7 basic organizations were approved, with which agreements on social partnership and cooperation on the implementation of the dual training system were concluded.
• Department of Employment and Social Programs of Akimat of the city of Kostanay
•  State Institution “Kostanay correctional boarding school № 2 for children left without parental care”
• KGSP “Kostanay territorial center for the provision of social services”
Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Kostanay
• State Institution “Education Department of Akimatag.Kostanaya”
Agreement on cooperation in the implementation of the dual system of training.
•  State Institution “Office of Coordination of Employment and Social Programs of Akimat of Kostanay Region”
• KSE”Kostanay children’s psychoneurological boarding house” of the coordination of employment and social programs of the akimat of Kostanay region,
• Kostanay City Center for Adaptation for Women and Dealers of the State Institution “Employment and Social Programs Department of Akimat of Kostanay”.
In order to form the need for the students to be an independent personality who can take the leading role in organizing activities and regulating relationships in various social groups, the volunteer movement is organized at the department. This is an organized youth movement, to mobilize social initiative, achieve socially significant goals, jointly solve common problems, contribute to the personal growth of its participants and the development of social activity of young people, which includes charitable, educational, patriotic and ideological components. All volunteer activities in the college are carried out under the aegis of “Do good.”
The youth volunteer movement of the college includes: individual charitable help to children from disadvantaged and guardian families, orphans, veterans and invalids of the Second World War, elderly, lonely citizens and individuals, provides visits to children’s educational and health institutions, organization of creative concerts, exhibitions, contests, sports events in orphanages.
Students of the college organize charity events, help disabled people, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, home front workers, lonely elderly people at home. The most significant measures for the social support of veterans by volunteers: an action for the Day of the elderly: volunteers congratulate veterans of labor, provide them with assistance in everyday life, prepare a concert program and memorable
Students of the specialty “Social Work” take part in the organization and holding of city, regional, republican actions. Such as the festival “Under a single shanyrak”, “Regional forum of patriots”, “Patriotic flash mob”, participation in the Republican Festival “Alaman”. On a peer-to-peer basis, volunteers in Preventive Days conduct preventive classes, classes with training elements, campaign speeches, interactive games, promotions, and information leaflets.