Psychological service

Socio-psychological service of the college is a system aimed at creating a favorable psychological climate and providing psychological support to students. One of the main tasks of the psychological service is to study the personality of students, help in adapting to the team, communicating with peers and teachers.

The purpose of the psychological service is to increase the general and psychological-pedagogical culture of students, to provide practical assistance, to increase the psychological and pedagogical competence of teachers, to form a holistic view of the psychological characteristics of a person as factors in the success of his activities.

In the office of psychological relief, the psychologist Olga Khvorova is working. College students can apply here and get qualified psychological help. Here you will be prompted how to overcome the psycho-emotional overloads that have arisen, adequately assess their capabilities, anticipate the consequences of their actions, independently find the best ways to achieve the goal and overcome life’s difficulties.

College Trust Phone: 211-353.

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